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Include Box

With the include function a pages may be inserted in another page anywhere.




====== Includebox Example ======
This is a test !
  * the first heading will not shown
  * but all other text and elements !!!!

<awbox note>
also this too

Example inserted here automatically

This is a test !

  • the first heading will not shown
  • but all other text and elements !!!!
 also this too

Insertion end

(As you can see, the alignment of the master page will not be adopted, but this one of the include file. In this indentation so do it there.)

Application Quicklinks

This is interesting for recurring information and / or link lists. So you only need to change the include page and on all relevant pages that update is immediately visible. See eg Wikipedia, the Commodore box under the Amiga side.

Using the example A500: here I have included a Quick-Link box at the end of the A500 page:


So you better these pages may vary and can look at the appropriate time should be a 'include_' before the actual page names are. Incidentally, the first header row is not displayed. If necessary, therefore, including a corresponding headline is still employ.

The include page should not be included in the normal index and also receives in the head following line (currently works mostly, not always) in this case:


And so this will look:

Current Include-Pages


 Please excuse: This english translation is from Google and not really perfect.
Please feel free to make it better. And directly to norwegian ?!


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