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In den 90er Jahren wurden einige Amiga-Spiele auf Laserdisc veröffentlicht. Insbesondere die Firma Firma Software Corner / LDG (Laser Disc Game), gegründet von Dirk Neuen und Michael Selb trieb diese Entwicklung voran. …

1. Erschienene Titel

Folgende Titel sind erschienen:

  • Dragons Lair
  • Thayers Quest
  • Space ACE

2. Laserdisc-Player

Folgende Laserdisc-Player unterstützen die LDG-Games:

  • Pioneer CLD 1500, 1600, 1700, CLD-2600, CLD-2950 (RS232C-Anschluss/Schnittstelle)
  • Sony SMC 70, it has an interface (Laser Vision)

3. Verbindungskabel

Benötigt wird zudem ein Verbindungskabel zwischen Amiga und Laserdisc-Player (SC Amiga Kit / LDP Conversion Card / game controlers cable):

The Amiga cable to the laserdisc player consists in a 2 wire cable going from Amiga parallel port to the „CONTROL IN“ mono jack female input of the Pioneer laserdisc player (early 90s home market models, PAL system, such as CLD-1500, CLD-1600, CLD-2600, CLD-2950 and compatibles). Here's how it is done: Amiga end → 25 pin male centronics connector
LDP end → male mono jack

The cable is a standard mono audio cable (signal and shield ground). Signal goes from Amiga parallel port pin 3 to the LDP input via a 1 kohm resistor. Signal ground is taken from Amiga parallel port pin 25.

If the Amiga computer and the laserdisc player are not connected to the same monitor or TV (for example Amiga has its own monitor and LDP is connected to a TV), it is possible that the system does not work. To fix this an additional ground connection between Amiga and LDP is needed: it can be implemented by connecting 1 wire from LDP ground (example any ground from RCA audio/video output connector of the LDP) and any Amiga port ground (for example composite video ground RCA output).

The LDG control software will only work on slower Amigas, i.e. A500 and A600. Other newer and faster models will not work.

Software Corner later released a infrared remote interface, mainly for PC versions of the control software. This is a totally different interface and plugs into the serial port instead of parallel (as far as I know). This interface was slightly more complex and required and external power supply. It basically consisted in a remote infrared control for the Pioneer laserdisc player controlled by the computer program.

4. Steuersoftware

Es wird eine Steuersoftware benötigt, diese kann hier heruntergeladen werden (ganz unten).

Control Discs von Gerald Müller-Bruhnke: 1. 2. 3.


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