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1N4148 (MMBD4148)

The 1N4148 is a standard silicon switching diode. It is one of the most popular and long-lived switching diodes because of its dependable specifications and low cost. Its name follows the JEDEC nomenclature. The 1N4148 is useful in switching applications up to about 100 MHz with a reverse-recovery time of no more than 4 ns.



The UTC 1N4148 is designed for high-speed switching application in hybrid thick-and thin-film circuits. The devices is manufactured by the silicon epitaxial planar process and packed in plastic surface mount package.


  • Ultra-high speed
  • Low forward voltage
  • Fast reverse recovery time


1N4148 SMD
1N4148 SMD SOT23

  • Pin 1 : Anode
  • Pin 2 : (not connected)
  • Pin 3 : Cathode

at the Amiga

TypCommo-No. C= Value C= Info Form Editors Info
A 391129-01Diode, SM, 1N4148 SOT23
B -01

Alternativ-Typ : xx (lt. Commodore ? )

atcountTypPosition Info
A4000T 6 A D165,D180A,D180B,D180C,D180D,D561,
A4000T-A/V-Modul 1 A D337,

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