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Video DAC


ADV101 im A4000-T
 ADV101: CMOS 80 MHz, Triple 8-Bit Video DAC The ADV101 is a digital-to-analog video converter on a single monolithic chip. The part is specifically designed for high resolution color graphics and video systems. It consists of three, high speed, 8-bit, video D/A converters (RGB); a standard TTL input interface and high impedance, analog output, current sources. The ADV101 has three separate, 8-bit, pixel input ports, one each for red, green and blue video data. Additional video input controls on the part include sync, blank and reference white. A single +5 V supply, an external 1.23 V reference and pixel clock input are all that are required to make the part operational. The ADV101 is capable of generating RGB video output signals, which are compatible with RS-343A and RS-170 video standards, without requiring external buffering.
VP101 im A1200
 VP101: 30/50MHz 8-BIT CMOS VIDEO DAC The VP101 is a CMOS 8-bit video DAC designed for use in high performance, high resolution colour graphics applications. The device uses video control inputs (BLANK, SYNC and REF WHITE) to provide the VP101 with the video pedestal levels required to generate RS-343A compatible video signals into a doubly-terminated 75

W load, or alternatively to produce RS-170 video signals across a singly-terminated 75

W load. Data and control inputs are fully pipelined to maintain synchronisation between the DAC outputs. The full scale output current is defined by a 1.2V reference and a single resistor.

at the Amiga

TypCommo-Nr. Commo-Part Commo-Info Form Editors Info
A 252614-01IC LC 7883 M DACCDTV
B 391422-01XXX IC VIDEO DAC SM *=391422-02 A-1200PLCC44 ADV101
wherecountTypPosition Hint
A1200 R? 1 B U30,revisionsabhängig
A1200 R? 1 C U30,revisionsabhängig
A4000 R? 1 D U,-
A4000-T 1 B U460,-


laut Commodore-Assembly-Listen

  • im A1200-R.1D4 mit ADV101
    1. U30 den VP101 391422-02 nehmen
    2. D215 Voltage Referenz LM385 (SO8) entfernen
    3. R215 1K (0805) entfernen
  • im A4000-Tower mit ADV101
    • BT101(?)
    • U470 Voltage Referenz LM385 (SO8) entfernen
    • R466 1k (1206) entfernen



Pinbelegung / Pinout

siehe auch unten angehängte Datenblätter
ADV101 Pinbelegung

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