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LF347 / LF353

LF347 at A500 Rev.3

Operational amplifier in the audio-circuit of the amiga. The LF347 (quad Op.A.) respective LF353 (dual Op.A.) was used in the beginning of the amiga-series and replaced often to the TL082 respective TL084.
These devices are low-cost, high-speed, JFET-input operational amplifiers. They require low supply current yet maintain a large gain-bandwidth product and a fast slew rate. In addition, their matched high-voltage JFET inputs provide very low input bias and offset current. The LF347 and LF347B can be used in applications such as high-speed integrators, digital-to-analog converters, sample-and-hold circuits, and many other circuits.

TypCommodore-No.C= DescriptionC= InfoForm Editors Info
A Dip8
B 390086-01IC LF 347, OP-AMPAMIGA-500Dip14
C 901523-14IC LF 347AMIGA-2000Dip14
D 391632-01 ?LF353 SO8
E 391103-01 ?LF347 SMD SO14

Alternative-Typ (a.t. Commodore):

AppearanceQty.TypPosition Remarks
A500 1 B U14,as well TL084
A500plus 1 B U14,as well TL084
A600 1 E U15,as well TL084
A1000 1 347 U5G,as well µA4048, µPC4084
A2000 1 C U56,-
A2000CR 1 C U204,-
CDTV 2 347 U5, U6,-
CDTV 1 353 U18,-
A2000 1 C U56,-
A3000 1 347 U402,-
A3000-T 2 347 U402,U900,-
A1200 1 E U15,as well TL084
A4000 1 E U15,-
A4-T-AV-Modul 1 E U310,as well TL084
CD32 3 D U15A,U15B,U38B,as well TL082
A570 1 347 U10,-


Pinout LF353 and LF347

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