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CXA 1145


The CXA 1145 encoder from Sony converts an analog RGB signal to a composite video signal (PAL/NTSC). With its built-in circuit various pulses required for an encoder, composite video outputs are obtained just by inputting the composite sync and analog RGB signal.

at the Amiga

TypCommodore-No.C= DescriptionC= InfoForm Editors Info
A 391084-01IC CXA 1145 VIDEO ENCSMD AMIGA-600SO24
B xIC CXA 1145 ?DIP24 not used ?

(Suffix: M=SO24 and P=DIP24)

AppearanceQty.TypPosition Remarks
A600 1 A U12,-
A1200 1 A U12,-
CD-32 1 A U12,-
CDTV-CR 1 A U8,at Video Adapter


Pinout CXA1145

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